(Tenda)F3-How to setup WISP mode

Step 1: Login the homepage.

1.   Open a browser then type “ the Address Bar, press Enter. Then enter the password of this page. Tap “Login”.
Note: The default password is shown on the bottom of the router. If you have changed it and you also forgot it, see “Forget your password?” below the “Login” button.
2.   Then the interface will turn into the homepage, tap “Wireless Repeating”, you can see “WISP” option in this page.
Step 2: Setup WISP
1.   Tap “WISP”, select your uplink Wi-Fi signal, type its password, and tap “OK” to save all the settings.
2.   Tap “OK” on the pop window, then the router will reboot automatically.
3.   After rebooting, login the homepage again, and tap “Status” to check the Connection Status of router. If the Connection Status is shown as below, that means you setup WISP successfully.

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