Q1: Can I use O1 as an AP?
A1: Yes, you can.
Q2: What can I do if all the LED indicators are powered off when I supply electric power for it via POE?
A2: Make sure the POE port in your O1 and POE port of POE injector are both working, and the cable you use is eight core cable (only this kind of cable can be used in POE situation).
Q3: What can I do if I cannot access the setup page?
A3: Configure a static IP for your computer in 192.168.2.xxx segment, then you can access it.
Q4: Can my O1 pair two or more CPE with auto-pair?
A4: No, auto-pair can only realize in one-to-one. If you want to pair more, please pair them in manual.
Q5: How many CPEs can I use to pair my O1?
A5: Our O1 is used in point-to-point transmission, so 1 to 1 is recommended and 1 to 3 is the maximum.
Q6: Why can’t I find my camera after making a successfully pairing?
A6: Some camera cannot directly be recognized by NVR because some private protocol has been used in the camera. So you should add it in your NVR manually.
Q7: Can I use other POE supplier to supply power?
A7: This is not recommended, it might lead to unstable-working even broken for your O1.
Q8: When my CPE work at WISP mode, my mobile phone can receive the wifi signal from my O1, but I cannot go to internet via it, why?
A8: Our O1 can transmit the WiFi signal for a long distance, but the transmission power of your mobile isn’t as large as your O1, so you only can receive it but you cannot send your internet request for such long distance.

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