Multi anti-interference,stable capacity 70 users

1200M wireless access point i21

i21 i21 i21

The unique and optimized design of the access environment makes it easy to catch 70 users

i21 is a Wi-Fi access point product especially designed by Tenda for indoor high user density environment like enterprise,Bar,cafe etc.It supports 2.4Hz&5GHz dual-band,uses MIMO,OFDM technology and so on,and provides 1167Mbps wireless transmission speed in maximum by dual-band concurrency.It has two 2.4GHz MIMO antennas and two 5GHz MIMO antennas,supports power adjustment pattern,users can adjust transmitting power according to real environment.It supports standard 802.3af PoE and DC power supply and convenient and fast networking.It can be managed and configurated by all series of access controllers of Tenda.


Wireless transmission rate 1200Mbps


Reasonable allocation of wireless resources to ensure the quality of wireless

i21 supports hollow scheduling and limited weakness signal terminal access. It can allocate the resources of wireless reasonably.Avoid low rate users to preempt empty resources,increasing the overall rate of wireless networks.It can adjust the threshold of low signal terminal access, reject the terminal access of low signal strength, which make sure the wireless network is more high-speed.


Support multi-ssid and VLAN binding to protect data security

It adopted multi-ssid design to support VLAN and SSID binding. According to the connection to different SSID, it can distinguish the internet access and data access rights which protect network data security.


Dual power supply mode, flexible and convenient

Compared with the single power supply mode of other products, i21 supports POE power supply and DC power supply. You can choose according to the actual situation, the deployment is simpler and the construction is more convenient.


Support AC unified management,easy management and maintenance

Support Tenda wireless controller M3 unified management and configuration.Network administrator only needs on one computer, can manage, configure, monitor all equipment.