Wi-Fi Routers And Way they Look!

With almost every house, Wi-Fi routers are popular than ever. As you might know, most devices on the market such as smartphones and computers are equipped to use Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi has changed the way computers and many other electronic devices work together. With it, anyone can create a wireless network in a home or business easily and at a relatively small cost. This Wi-Fi technology has been built to suit smart devices which are being used by the conventional people on a regular basis. It is widely expected that this form of connectivity would ensure natural management on a global scale.

Though Wi-Fi has become an integral part of our routine, most of us now want the Wi-Fi router not only to perform better but also to look better. The design of Wi-Fi router has been given more importance to any other period than now. Designers are working relentlessly to make sure that their product is eye-pleasing, aesthetic and which also blends in home environment. Gone are the days where you use to hide the Wi-Fi router in some corner, now Wi-Fi routers takes the centre place right in the living room.

Let'ss study the two most important designs which will help you out in buying your next Wi-Fi router.

1. Wi-Fi Routers with Antenna

You are not the only one, who thought having antenna Wi-Fi routers will give you a better reception. Adjusting antenna in different angles so to get the best performance is like a kid trying to open and close the refrigerator door to figure out when the lights gets turned off. Anyways, there happened to be strong antenna Wi-Fi routers some with cool designs. Some inspired by space-ships and some inspired by the shape of spider having multiple antennas which are mainly used in the gaming community.

Wi-Fi routers having one or two antennas are mainly used in homes for household purpose to have decent Wi-Fi reception to stream your Netflix shows, video calling, surf the internet and occasionally turn on & off your lights.

2. Mesh Wi-Fi Routers

Mesh routers are the latest technology upgrade for home and commercial Wi-Fi networks. Mesh networks have been used for years in large places where a secure network is critical, like military bases and businesses. Now, residential wireless-internet users can optimize their home Wi-Fi with a form of mesh networking as well. If you have a large home — at least 3,000 square feet — or one with an unusual layout, more than two stories or interior brick walls, you probably regularly encounter Wi-Fi dead zones, and your setup could be a good candidate for a mesh-router system.

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