What should I do if 5G NR Router can't access the network when it working as 5G Router Mod

What should I do if my Tenda 5G NR Router can't access the network when it working as 5G NR Router Mode

Note: This article is for the following situation: You can connect to the wireless of 5G NR Router, but none of your devices can access the Internet.

If the ip address is not null, then the reason you don’t have internet access may be DNS, unstable network,SIM card arrears etc. Please refer to the following to do troubleshooting.

You will see the following information on your device interface:




1: SIM card arrears

Please confirm whether the SIM card is in arrears. You can insert the SIM card into the mobile phone and call the operator to confirm the SIM card arrears and traffic.

2: DNS problem

Sometimes, the default DNS server inserted will not work due to some unclear reasons.

Solution: To change DNS: go to ‘System Settings’---‘LAN Settings’---‘DNS Settings’, change ‘primary DNS Server’ to ‘’, change the ‘secondary DNS Server’ to ‘’or ‘’.-click on ‘save’.



3:Please confirm the network environment of the current SIM card. It is recommended that the current RSRP signal is greater than -110 and the SINR is greater than 5.

How to confirm and optimize the environment? Please refer to How to find a good 5G network environment at home

After you do the above troubleshooting, if still no internet access,you will need to contact Tenda support to further troubleshoot your concern. You can contact support.fwa

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