Equip Your PC with Wi-Fi 6
AX900 Wi-Fi 6 Wireless USB Adapter U11

Fastest Wi-Fi 6 standard

Both dual frequency bands support Wi-Fi 6 technical features, with concurrent rates up to 886Mbps.(The 2.4G frequency band rate can reach up to 286Mbps; The 5G frequency band rate can reach up to 600Mbps)You can independently select the wireless network frequency band according to the network environment, effectively avoiding wireless interference and obtaining the best network experience. *

*Dual-band switching feature needs to be used with a dual-band router.

*Only one frequency band can be selected for use at a time


Compatible with Various Operating Systems

Compatible with Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows 11, Linux* , to meet the requirements of various desktop and laptop users for wireless internet connections.

*About Wi-Fi adapter driver adaptation to various system versions:

Linux kernel version 3.10 above, and CPU architecture must be X86, X64 or ARM.


Auto-install, Plug And Play

Built-in pre-stored driver, bid farewell to cumbersome downloading steps,just click the mouse to complete the installation.
No download required

*Non-windows systems need to download the driver from Tenda official website

Cover Most Usage Scenarios

① Plug & Play for wireless connection Insert U11 into a computer and complete the installation. Then you can search for Wi-Fi for wireless Internet access.
② Support AP mode Insert U11 into a computer that is already connected to the Internet, and it can send out Wi-Fi signals for terminal devices.

Mini desigan , portable and durable

The USB metal plug is seamlessly integrated with galvanized coating and ultrasonic technology, making it resilient against various collisions and drops, ensuring long-lasting durability. Its compact and exquisite design allows for easy portability without occupying much space, making it convenient for instant use anytime, anywhere.

Tenda intelligent algorithm assists in
stable signal transmission

Compared with previous Wi-Fi 5 adapter, the Tenda intelligent algorithm used by U11 can better assist the stable transmission of wireless signals and make the wireless transmission range wider.

Efficient error correction algorithm

Supports efficient LDPC error correction algorithm (low density parity check code) to effectively enhance the anti-interference ability of data in channel transmission, improve weak signals, improve signal transmission efficiency, and make the connection faster and more stable.


In AP mode, data from multiple terminals can be transmitted simultaneously, with lower latency and smooth networking.

Encrypt communication and protect wireless security

Supports WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK, WPA/WPA2 security mechanism and WEP encryption to comprehensively protect wireless network security.