MW5s 3-Pack

Tenda MW5s-Q&A

Q1: Can I use MW5s and other nova models together to establish a network?
A1: Yes
Q2: How many nova nodes can be used to establish a network?
A2: 6 nodes are recommended.
Q3: Can I connect MW5s nodes via ethernet cable?
A3: Yes.
Q4: How to reset MW5s?
A4: Power on the node, hold down the reset button for 6 seconds until its LED turns blinking green.
Q5: Whether MW5s nodes can remove from current network system after reset?
A5. No. MW5s will clear configurations, but nodes still in current mesh network system.
Q6: How to remove MW5s from current network system?
A6: Open App, tap the node you want to remove, then tap “…’ on the top right, tap “Delete”.
Q7: I have managed MW5s by Tenda App account, what should I do if another mobile phone also wants to manage?
A7: Open App, tap “Account Authorization” and then tap “Add an account” to enter a registered account.
Q8: How many accounts can be added in “Account Authorization”
A8: Totally 3.
Q9: If network delay in web browsing when someone is watching online video or downloading files. What should I do?
A9: Enable “QOS”.
Q10: If the speed is slow after using MW5s for a period of days. What should I do?
A10: Enable “Maintenance Schedule”.
Q11: What is “Capacity-oriented Mode”?
A11: Better performance if over 30 devices are connected with MW5s at the same time.

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