FH456 v4.0 Firmware V12.01.01.41_multi_EN

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1. This firmware is only applicable to FH456 and the current software version is V12.01.01.X, the hardware version is V6.0 machine upgrade, different models machine can not use the software, please confirm before the upgrade software, hardware version, non-V6.0 hardware version Do not upgrade (hardware version marked on the back of the machine after the serial number: VerV6.0);
2. Add new features: wan ping enable, double ssid, ap isolation. 
3. Fixed compatible with chromecast. 
4. After downloading and decompressing, please use the wired connection router to upgrade, do not cut off the power during the upgrade process, otherwise it will lead to damage to the machine can not use! 

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Update Date:2018/5/8
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