Wider Coverage Sharper Focus

4 Channel Wireless HD Video Security KitK4W-3TC
Single-family House | Shop | Restaurant | Office | Factory | Farm

Connection with Wire-free
Easy Monitoring and Networking

The Network Video Recorder and cameras adopt Wi-Fi connections, which free you from laying Ethernet cables, make it easy to install and extend, save your time, energy and money.

TendaWired Connection
TendaWi-Fi Connection

Wider Coverage and Stronger
Through-wall Capability

The router-level independent Wi-Fi chip, dual high gain antennas and Tenda's professional wireless transmission technology boosts stable and strong signal. It is able to produce clear and smooth image when the Wi-Fi signal covers a radius of 200m in an open environment or passes through 3 walls indoors.

TendaSingle-family House

*The above data is obtained by Tenda labs based on specific environmental tests, and is for reference only. The actual data may different due to the environment

Automatic and Fast Connection
No More Complicate Settings

After being powered on, the NVR automatically search, find and add cameras, the convenient and fast networking requires no manual operation.

*The camera needs to be in factory settings


High Pixel HD Video Recordings
Clear and Full Details of the Video

The upgraded 3MP (2304×1296) HD camera captures clear and delicate monitoring image, bringing more details and a brand-new visual experience.


S-motion Detection and Target Recognition
Accurate Alarm and Less Harassment

Based on deep learning image identification technology, the cameras accurately recognize figure movement. Non-human targets are filtered, thus greatly improving alarm accuracy.


Dual spotlights and Dual Infrared Lights
Clear and Colorful Even at Night

Equipped with two high-power spotlights and two IR lights, and high sensitive image sensors, your night vision is now lit up and in full-color. There are three available night vision modes: Smart Mode, Full-color Mode, and Black & White Mode.


*Smart Mode: Adopt Black & White mode as the default and Full-color mode when any alarm occurs.

*Full-color Mode: Turn on the spotlights at night for 24 hour color image.

*Black & White Mode: Turn on the IR lights at night for black-and-white image in darkness.

Sound and Light Alarm Deter Intruders

When intrusion is detected during the alarming period, a sound and white flashing light alarm will be triggered to warn illegal intruders. At the same time, the alarm message will be sent to the TDSEE App to promote security.


View Videos on Your Mobile Phone at Any Time
Fully Control of Abnormal Status

You can view the video on your mobile phone anytime and anywhere, and feel at ease when you away from home. Alarm messages are pushed in time, you can control abnormal status in real time.


Three Simple Steps Easy Networking

1  Power on the cameras and Network Video Recorder.
2  Automatic Connection.
3  Install the cameras.(Designed with the orientation knob, the cameras support ceiling mounting and wall mounting)