Tenda partners with renowned retail chain in Turkey to provide the best Internet connectivity

It has been observed that majority of the people in Turkey still rely on VDSL internet connection. If you aren’t aware of the term VDSL – VDSL is Very-high-bitrate Digital Subscriber Line service which is closer to cable Internet in speed. It can be up to five times faster for downloads and ten times faster for uploads.

Tenda recognized the market and partnered with renowned retail chain – Vatan to introduce Tenda's V1200 Modem Router. 

Tenda's V1200 Modem Router combines the function of high speed VDSL2 Modem which provides up to 100 Mbps speed downstream, 1200 Mbps wireless Router and 4 ports switch in a single device. V1200 can auto detect phone cable and Ethernet cable access mode smartly.

The V1200 Modem Router will be available in Turkey soon, preferably nearing the end of June. To make it easily available for the people of Turkey, Tenda partnered with local retail chain named Vatan which already has 136 establishments in the major cities throughout Turkey. Thus V1200 will be available in the nearest stores of Vatan.

The mere design of the V1200 is mean and shows that it was strictly designed to serve its purpose. The four external high gain omni-directional antennas ensure wide wireless signal coverage. One can enjoy the Internet surfing, file sharing, audio and Video streaming in a single device instead of multiple devices. With Tenda's unique super-easy design of installation, V1200 can access Internet only in one step.

V1200 along with VDSL internet connectivity feature accomplishes this with more efficient use of phone lines achieved through a configuration that effectively shortens the distance that the signal has to travel. Shorter distances means less degradation and a more reliable connection.

An Internet celebrity or an online gamer are well aware of the nitty-gritty of Internet connection wherein one has to upload and download vast data regularly. When asked about the same, Deniz Lee, General Manager of Tenda for Turkey branch said – “VDSL is the main Internet connection type in Turkey. Most of people are still using 300 Mbps VDSL. I believe that Tenda V1200 launch will definitely improve the experience quality and speed for the end users. Meanwhile, it has larger Wi-Fi coverage and has more stability to satisfy Turkish people. It will change people's life especially for the Internet celebrity and gaming players as the quality of the video or the gaming stream will at last be satisfactory for the audience and the player by using Tenda V1200. Tenda has always tried its best to provide a better network for everyone. All in all, all for better networking is the mission of Tenda. We will always follow it to serve each Internet user globally”.