MW6-Setup“Tenda”skill on Amazon echo

The document applies to users who want to use “Tenda” skill on amazon echo
Step 1: Go to the “All Skills”page
1.1 Open the Alexa app, sign in your Amazon account. Then tap “Home”.
说明: // Config/MW6-Set up Tenda WiFi skill on Amazon echo.files/image001.png 
1.2 Then tap “Skills & Games”
说明: C:\Users\yehankun\Desktop\Alexa\1.png

说明: C:\Users\yehankun\Desktop\Alexa\3.png
1.3 Input “Tenda”.
说明: C:\Users\yehankun\Desktop\Alexa\4.png
Step 2 Select “Tenda”.
说明: C:\Users\yehankun\Desktop\Alexa\P图.png
2.1 Click “ENABLE TO USE”.
说明: C:\Users\yehankun\Desktop\Alexa\P图2.png
2.2 Input Email Address and password (Account in Tenda App)
说明: C:\Users\yehankun\Desktop\Alexa\6.png
说明: C:\Users\yehankun\Desktop\Alexa\7.png
说明: C:\Users\yehankun\Desktop\Alexa\P图3.png
MW6-Setup“Tenda”skill on Amazon echo

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