AC10U-How to setup parental control

Model Number: Tenda AC10U
Question Classification: Function Setting
Step 1: Open a browser and type in Address Bar, tap “Enter”. Input login password and tap “Login”.
Step 2: Tap “VPNtap the  to choose the device you want to manage.

Step 3: Finish the settings, tap “Save”.

Devices name: tap  to change device name for easy distinguishing. Tap “Save” to save the device name.

Internet Accessible: set up when you allow it to access the internet.
Website Access Limit: blacklist specifies what websites are unavailable. Whitelist specifies what websites are available.
Step 4: If you want to release Parental Control on specified device. Please tap .

 Step 5: If you want to set up Parental Control for this device again, tap .

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