MW6-cannot detect your connection type when you set it up for the first time,what should I do?

Scenario Describe:
My family broadband connection type is DHCP, when I connect one nova to cable modem, nova cannot detect DHCP connection type, the light keeps solid red, what should I do?
1.   Power off and power on modem and nova both, and then connect nova to modem with ethernet cable, when light turn to blink blue, phone connect to nova WI-FI signal and reconfigure nova through Tenda Wi-Fi APP;
2.   If you powered off and restarted both modem and nova, cannot detect DHCP connection type still, please follow below steps:
   If there is an old wireless router in your home, please connect wireless router to cable modem, and power off and restarted modem to make wireless router can access internet.
    Connect wan port () of nova to Lan port of old wireless router and configure Tenda Wi-Fi APP to make nova can access internet.
   Open Tenda Wi-Fi APP, Click “Settings”-----“Firmware Upgrade”, and check whether there is a new firmware version for upgrading, if have, please upgrade it to the latest firmware version.

   After the upgrade completed, connect nova to cable modem again, and power off modem and restart, open Tenda Wi-Fi APP and reconfigure, it will detect connection type and access internet.

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