F9-How to setup WIFI schedule

Model Number: F9       Question Classification: Wireless Settings
This article will guide you how to setup WIFI schedule and the steps as below
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The computer can connect to the router via the Internet connection, it can be connected wirelessly to the router if it is a laptop.
Wired Connection:
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Wireless Connection:

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Open a browser then type //tendawifi.com into the Address Bar and then press Enter. Typing login password in the homepage of router then click “Login”.
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Find“Wireless Settings”Choose“WIFI Schedule”,Click“Open”, Set up the time frame for closing WIFI according to your actual needs, The Last Click “OK”.
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Attention: If you need WIFI during a wireless shutdown, you can turn on the WIFI on your router. In the case of the wireless timer switch, the WIFI is turned on by hardware, only for this time.

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