How to config the Station Mode for U1 adapter?

Install the driver of Tenda U1 wireless adapter from the website // or the application program inthe CD-ROM attached with Tenda U1 wirelessadapter.You can see the following User Interface if you install the driversuccessfully.

2.Click on the wireless signal of wireless network youwant to connect in the list.

A.Click the “OK”button to connect the Internet without password if the WIFI signal unencrypted(as the image below).

B.You need to input thecorrect password to connect Internet when you click the SSID in list if thesignal is encrypted (as the image below).

3.You can see the information such as connection speed,thesignal strength and the IP that your computer gets from the wireless network youhave connected(as the image below).

While, you could click the “Disconnect” button inthis page if you want to break off the connection.


4.Surf the internet and check whether it has internetaccess.

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