G3 -How to manage the AC?

Model number: G3

This article will guide you how to manage the AC.

Part 1: Physical Connection

Part 2: View and export the AP information

Part 3: Maintain policy applying to APs

Part 4: Maintain the wireless policy

  Inspect your cabling, referring to the connection topology below. Connect the device to the power supply with the included power cord.


1.Enable AC Management

2.After AC Management is enabled, the interface will be refreshed and the AP (online and offline) info will be displayed in the list as below.

1.Configure the SSID Policy ,Click Manage AC >Manage Policy to enter the interface below:

2.Click the Add button to enter the interface, and configure the parameters by taking the following steps for references.

1.Click Manage AC > Manage AP > Batch Modify to enter the interface below, select the AP first and then click.

2.Select the set SSID policy, and click OK.

3.  SSID policy is added successfully, you can go to Manage AC > Manage Policy > SSID Policy screen to check the policy status.

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