Function configurationsHow to setup universal repeater mode for FH305

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Part 1: Login the homepage of the router

Part 2: Setup LAN IP

Part 3: Enable universal repeater mode

Part 4: Verify bridge connectivity

Part 5: Setup secondary SSID and security key


The Topology is as below:


Steps are as following:

1. Login to the management page of the router.


2. Input login username and password as admin, to login, then click Advanced.

1. Click Network, and then click LAN. Change your router’s LAN IP.(The LAN IP address should be different. For example, the uplink router has the LAN IP, then you can set the secondary router’s LAN IP as


1. Click Wireless and then choose Wireless Extender, choose Universal Repeater mode. Click Open Scan.

2.Select your uplink router’s SSID, and input your uplink router’s security key. then click Save to save the settings.

1.Connect your PC to this Tenda wireless router via a wired or wireless
connection and set it to "Obtain an IP address automatically". If you are not clear, see Appendix 1 Configure PC TCP/IP Settings .

2.Wait until your PC successfully obtains an IP address.

3.Click Start ->RUN;

4. Enter cmd and click OK.

5. Enter "ping default gateway IP address”. Here in this example, enter "ping" and press Enter. If you see a similar screen (highlighted area), the bridge is established successfully.


Note: After finish the universal repeater settings, the primary SSID will become secondary SSID automatically.

5.1 Click Wireless and Wireless Basic Setting, change secondary SSID, and then click OK to save the settings.

5.2 Setup the security key

Click wireless security key, select SSID which you have set as secondary SSID, choose the security mode as WPA-PSK, input your security key, and click OK to save the setting.


NoticeIf you have other PC need to be get connected, please connect it to the one of the LAN port or the wireless signal of the router. There is no need to configure the router again.

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