FH330-how to set speed control?

How to set speed control

Product line: Wireless    Model number:FH330

This document is suitable for the users who want to set speed control.

QWhat is effect of speed control? How to set?

A:Speed control that is QOS setting. We need to do some limitation according to the limited bandwidth to satisfy the users demand.

In the following two aspectswe can take speed control into consideration

1. Many PCs share the bandwidth equally

2. We need define the download speed for PC according to the real situation.

Part 1:Login the homepage of the router

Part 2:Change the SSID and wireless password

Part 3:Reboot the router

1.Login to the management page by typing in the address bar.

说明: 192167.jpg

说明: C:\Users\Kevin\Desktop\123.png

1.Click Bandwidth in the main page to limit the speed

说明: speed  control 1.jpg



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