FH330-How to setup the router for PPPOE internet connection mode

How to setup the router for PPPOE internet connection mode

Product line: Wireless    Model number:FH330

There are three internet connection modes for the router. This article will guide you how to setup the router for PPPOE mode and the steps as below.

Note: if you have no idea about the internet connection type and the accounts please call your ISP for then.

Part 1: Connect the devices

Part 2: Configure your computer

Part 3: Setup the router

Part 4: Check whether you can access internet

Connect the modem with the WAN port of the router, then connect your computer with one of the LAN ports of the router by a cable.

Note: After connection the SYS light should be blinking, the WLAN light should be on or blinking, the WAN light should be on or blinking.


1 Click onNetwork Connection Icon on the system bar, then click on Open Network and Sharing Center.

2 Click on Change adapter settings.

3 Right click on Local Area Connection, then choose Properties option.

4 Double click on Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4)

5 Choose Obtain an IP address automatically andObtain DNS server address automatically and then click OK.

6 Also click onOK on the first Local Connection Properties window

1Open a browser then type in the Address bar, click Enter.

2 Type the Passworddefault: adminin the bars then click on the Login button to login the setting page.


3 Choose thePPPOE option,then type the ISP Username and ISP Password in the correct bars, then click onNext.


4You can secure your wireless network on this page. The default Wi-Fi Name can be seen here on the Router’s label.

1.Change the WiFi Name to your custom name for easy recognition.

2.Customize a WiFi password in the WiFi Password field,and click Next.


5 The page below appear and hold for about three seconds,and you will be directed to the Internet Connection Setup page

1 Check the Connection Status, if it shows Internet Access, it indicates that you can access the Internet.

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