FH1206-change wifi name and wifi password?

How to change the WIFIname and WIFI password

Productline: Wireless    Model number: FH1206

Thecause of the change WIFI name and wireless password is to protect the wirelessnetwork. This article will guide you how to change the wifi name and wirelesspassword.

Part 1:Login the homepage of the router

Part 2: Changethe SSID and wireless password

Part 3: Reboot the router

Open a browser then type in the Address bar,click on Enter.

Note: if you cannot login the management page, please click HERE.


1 Typethe User Name and Password as admin in the bars to login thesetting page.

2 Click on Advanced on the home page to login the advancedsetting page.

3 Click on Wireless, then click on Basic and makingsure that check the 2.4GHzWireless function. Then choose yourcountry after opening drop down menu of the Country option. Makingsure the SSID Broadcast was checked, otherwise the wireless signal willnot be found in your wireless bar of your computer. Also you can change thePrimary SSID as you want. Then open the drop down menu of the 802.11mode optionand choose the mode as 11b/g/n mixed mode. Onthis page you can choose the Channel and the Extension Channelwill be selected automatically after choosing the Channel. Then let the othersettings as defaulted, then click on Save to save the settings.


I: the Channel1, Channel 6 and Channel 11are recommended, since they are idle.

II:choose the ALL option if you cannot find your country on the drop down menuof Country option.

4 Click on Wireless, then click on Security andchoose the Security mode as WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK,and thenopen the drop down menu of the Authentication Type option then selectthe type as WPA-PSK, after that open the Cipher Type menu thenchoose the AES option and set a Security Key as you want, alsoyou can check the Display Key if you want to view the Security Key.At last, let the other options as defaulted and hit on the Save buttonto save the settings.

Note: Security Key should be at least 8 characters.

Clickon Tools, and then choose the Reboot option on the left of thepage, then hit on the Reboot button to refresh the device info.

Now you can use your laptop to search the new SSID and enter the new passwordto connect to it.

Note: if you do not how to connect your Wi-Fi please click HERE.

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