PW201A-How to establish a powerline network

PW201A-How to establish the power line network in different rooms for Internet


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1. Connect the devices.


Tips: If the two adapters has intercommunicate to each other, the PLC light of them should be on.

Attention: Only when the wall outlets work in the same electric meter, will the adapters establish a power line network.


2. After the connection like above, the PW201A will pair to each other automatically. The computers or other devices that connect to the PW201A wired or wireless can have Internet.


3. If you want to add more PW201A to this power line network just plug it into the wall outlet that in the same electric meter of the other PW201A, then it will join the power line network itself.



 If they can’t pair to each other automatically to establish a powerline network, please click this link.

 If you want to set a wireless password for them, please click this link.


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