F300-How to setup the router for Static IP connection mode

How to setup the router for Static IP Internet connection mode?

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Step1 Connect the devices

Step2 Configure your computerGenerally you can skip this step, unless you can’t do step3

Step3 Setup the router

Step4 Check whether you can access Internet


Connect the modem to the blue port of the router, then connect the router to your computer by a cable as the following picture.

Attention: After connection the SYS light should be blinking, WLAN light should be on or blinking, one of LAN ports (12,3,4) is on, WAN light should be on or blinking.


   Set your computer to obtain the IP address automatically


 Click this link to see the whole process. 

1. Open a browser or safari, then input in the address bar, click Enter.


2. Input the default login password admin, click OK to Login.

3. Click on Advanced.

4. Select Static IP as Internet Connection Type.


If the connection status shows Connected, it means that you can have internet. Please check.



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