How to extend my uplink router's wireless coverage by Wireless WAN

How to extend my uplink router’s wireless coverage by Wireless WAN

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The hardware connection topology is as following:

Key points:

The LAN IP address should be in different network segment. For example, the uplink router has the LAN IP, then you can set the secondary router’s LAN IP as


Steps are as below:

1.    login to the router’s homepage



2. Choose DHCP, set the security key (wireless password), and click OK.


3. Change the LAN IP of the router. (If the LAN IP is already in the different segment of your uplink router, you don’t need to do this.)



4. Click WAN Medium Type and then choose Wireless WAN, and Open Scan.


4. Select your uplink router’s SSID.



5. Select your uplink router’s Security mode and input its security key, then click OK to save the settings.




6. After rebooting, if the connection status shows connected and get the gateway of uplink router, it means that you can have Internet.

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