How to setup theTravel Router for DHCP internet connection mode

 How to setup the Tenda Travel Router for DHCP Connection mode

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Step1 Connect the devices

Step2 Configure your computer Generally you can skip this step if you can do step3 successfully)

Step3 Setup the router

Step4 Check whether you can access internet


Connect your modem to A5, then use your laptop to find the wireless signal of A5 (Tenda_XX the last characters of MAC address of A5) without password or with the default password 12345678





1.Open a browser or safari, then input in the address bar, click Enter,then input the default login password “admin” ,click OK to login to the homepage.


2. Choose DHCP , set a wireless password, click OK, then click Advanced Settings.

                                  Not sure your Connection Type, please click this link

                                    If you can’t login to this page, please click this link


If the connection status shows Connected, it means that you can have internet.Please check.

                                                  If you can’t access internet, click this link.

                                                  Wireless settings, please click this link

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