How to setup N60 wireless router(Static IP)

I, Physical connection:


Your computer connect one of Yellow LAN port with an Ethernet cable

Your modem connect Blue WAN port with another cable


II, Login to the management page of the router:

1open your web browser(IE,Firefox,Safari,etc) find the address barleave it blanktype  // enter.

2Then you can see the following page, input default user name and password: admin


3You will see the following interface when you clicked on Loginplease click Advanced directly.

III, Setup Static IP in the homepage of N60 wireless router

1click NetworkWANConfig to choose Static IP as Internet Connection Type


2Please type all these information which are provided by your ISP into the blank box, then click on Save.



3 Then click Device InfoWan status to check connection status of WAN Status. If it shows Connected you still cannot get online, please click NetworkWAN portMAC CloneClone MAC to clone your computer’s mac address to the router’s WAN port, then click Save and the router will reboot.


IV, Wireless Basic settings for your router

Note: There are two different frequency bands of N60,2.4GHz and 5GHz. Most of wireless devices support 2.4 GHz, please do as below:

2.4G wireless basic settings (the same settings with 5G)

Click on Wireless on the left menuclick Basicchoose 2.4G choose country find SSID(this is the name of your wireless network, you can change it as you wish and remember it) find Channel(choose channel 1,6,11 are better) click Save.


V, Set a password for your wireless network:

If you do not want others to connect to your wireless network, you can secure it by finishing the following steps.

12.4G wireless security settings(the same settings with 5G)

click on Wireless on the left menuSecuritychoose 2.4Gin Security Mode choose WPA-PSKin Cipher Type choose AESin Security Key(input your password, at least 8 numbers or letters ,please remember it) click Save


2Then click on Wireless, find WPS on the left menu, and please choose disable WPS, then click Save


3After that, You have finished all the settings. Please use your computers or wireless devices to search the wireless network (SSID), you will be asked for the key (password you just made by yourself). Then you can enjoy your internet wirelessly.

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