How to set a password for wireless network of the ADSL Router

截图00.pngHow to set a password for wireless network of the ADSL Router?

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 Q: Why we need to set a password for our wireless network?

A: sometimes we don’t want others to use your wireless network then you can set a password for your wireless network


I. Physical connection:



II. Login to the management page of the router:

1open your web browser(IE,Firefox,Safari,etc) àfind the address baràleave it blankàtypeàPress enter.


(Tip: The address bar is in the most top of the web page after opening web browser).

2Then you can see the following page, chick on Advanced Settings.


3After clicking Advanced Settingsyou will see the follow page


IIISteps to do wireless settings

1click on wireless –>basic on the left menu ,please change SSID (it is your wireless network name)for other name, and then held on Apply


2、click on wireless –>security on the left menu ,please disable WPS setting ,select Network Authentication to WPA-PAK or WPA2-PSK,change WPA Encryption to AES, and then WPA passphrase ( please type in at least 8 numbers or letters).



IV. Connect computers to Internet wirelessly.

Please find the name of your wireless network (it is SSID which is your family name) and connect to it. It will require you to input password, please type password (It is the passphrase which was made by yourself just now.)

 When your SSID (wireless network) shows connected, that means you can access to the Internet wirelessly, now you can try to unplug the cable between your computer and your tenda router to see if you can enjoy your Internet wirelessly


 If you don't know how to connect to your Wi-Fi, please click this link





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