How to set a wireless password on dual band wireless router

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  Q: Why do we need to set a password for our wireless network?

 A: sometimes we don’t want others to use your wireless network then you can set a password for your wireless network

The Topology are as below:



The Steps are as below:

1connect the computer to the router’s yellow LAN port with Ethernet cable and login to the router’s home page.

2open your web browser(IE,Firefox,Safari,etc) ,then type // in the address bar,then press Enter.


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3Then you can see the following page, input default user name and password: admin


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4clicked on “Login”then please click on “Advanced” directly.


 Wireless Basic settings for your router

Note: There are two different frequency bands of N60 or N6, 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Most of wireless devices support 2.4 GHz,please do as below:

2.4G wireless basic settings (the same settings with 5G)

Click on Wireless on the left menu, then click Basic, choose 2.4G. Select your  country, then find SSID(this is the name of your wireless network, you can change it into your name or whatever you like), then select a Channel (channel 1,6,11 are better), then click Save.


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Set a password for your wireless network:

If you do not want others to connect to your wireless network, you can secure it by finishing the following steps.

12.4G wireless security settings(the same settings with 5G)

click on Security, choose 2.4G, then  choose WPA -PSK as Security Mode, AES as Cipher Type, and then set a Security Key(wireless password) which should be at least 8 numbers or letters , click Save


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2Then click on Wireless, find WPS on the left menu, and please choose disable WPS,then click Save


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3After that, You have finished all the settings. Please use your computers or wireless devices to search the wireless network (SSID), you will be asked for the key (password you just made by yourself). Then you can enjoy your internet wirelessly.


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