How to login the management page of the portable AP/Router

截图00.pngHow to login the management page for the portable AP/Router?


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 NoteWhen you set this router for the first time, please set the ip address of your computer manually and make sure your computer’s IP address is in the same IP segment with this router (default IP address is That means your computer’s IP address can be

You could set an IP address on your computer like this:

 How to set a static IP for my computer?

The steps are followings:

 1.   Connect your computer to the port of your W150M with Ethernet cable.


 2.   Type in // in address bar of your web browser, then press Enter.(If you have changed the Login IP address , please use the new IP instead of the




3.   Input username and password in pop-up, both of them are admin. Then click OK to login management page. (If you have changed your username and password, please input your new username and password.)



4.   After successfully login, you will see the page showing as below:



Tips: If you forget the Login IP or username and password, please hard reset to factory default settings, and then login again with default login parameters.





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