How to configure the Wireless Router Mode for the portable AP/Router

截图00.png How to configure the Wireless Router Mode for the portable AP/Router

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Q:  When we need to configure the portable router as Wireless Router Mode?

A:  In the Wireless Router Mode, this portable router can be worked as the router with wireless NAT function and DHCP sever. The laptops connect to the portable router can get IP addresses automatically and connect to the Internet normally.

Common network connection topology is as follows.


The Steps are as follows:

1.   Connect the computer to the portable router by an Ethernet cable.

2.   Login to the management page of this router.(the login IP is default to be, the username and password are both admin).

3.   In the management page , choose the default mode Wireless Router->Setup Wizard. In the set up Wizard page, click Next.截图29.jpg

4.      Choose Internet Connection Type and click Next. 截图30.jpg

5.      In the Wireless Basic Setting page, you can do the basic configuration for this router. You can change the name of your router by changing the SSID and choose wireless Channel for your router in the page. Click Next. 截图31.jpg

6.   Then in the Wireless Security Settings page, please choose WPA-Personal as Security Mode and choose AES as WPA Algorithms. And type password for wireless network in the blank of Pass Phrase. Click Next.  截图32.jpg

7.   Click Apply to save the setting.


8.   After the configuration, connect this router to the modem with Ethernet cable, the wireless clients connect to this router can get ip automatically and connect to the Internet.



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