Pandemic Pushed Internet Usage To a New High

Earlier this year (2020), many of us were suddenly asked by our employers to Work From Home (WFH). We all thought it would likely be a temporary arrangement and that in no time we would be back in the office. To the contrary, it took months, and most of us are still working from home. The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly changed the way we live our daily lives. Technology companies have, and are, working hard to make our lives easier. From seeing a doctor for a consultation online, holding business meetings online, to just simply talking with friends via different video call apps, we have seen significant increase in internet data usage during lockdown.

ISP's have seen a 50% increase in usage during'daylight hours' than before COVID. Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, demand for broadband communication services has soared, with some operators experiencing as much as a 60% increase in Internet traffic compared to before the pandemic. And overall, a 50% increase in the average amount of data used per household.

There are also many people who are regularly using video streaming apps and staying connected with their loved ones through video chats. 40% of homes have increased the number of devices being used simultaneously. Pre-COVID it was about 5 - 8 devices in an average household, now we see these devices have gone up to 16 per household, and all these devices trying to connect at the same time on a single network. ISPs and telecom operators are having to work very hard to provide adequate Internet access to their customers. Many of them have added various upgrades to their existing systems to keep the Internet up and running for customers throughout the globe. Keeping people connected has become more than just a customer service goal, it has become a societal necessity. ISP's consider their services are now about'helping society' and not just about ‘helping the customer'.

When the internet connection doesn't work properly ISP's are the first to be blamed, even though often it is not really their service that is at fault. Often it is actually the hardware within the property, such as Routers, and Range extenders that are simply not up to the job that they are now being asked to do. Older models were simply not designed for the demands we are now putting on them.

Internet at home was primarily used for leisure activity. But now, a poor internet connection can contribute to students falling behind academically, business meetings being hindered, and social connections being fragmented.

The hospitality sector is particularly concerned with the quality and scope of internet connections. Today's hospitality approach is more customer-centric than ever because most coffee shop/Café/Restaurant/Bar operators understand the negative impact that one bad online review can have on customer retention and new business. Wi-Fi connection has become a mission-critical service; a utility just like electricity that every Restaurant, Cafe, Bar, Coffee shop, big or small requires today. Coffee shops and cafes have become prime spots for meetings and discussions. The access to good internet coverage encourages customers to continue their visit for longer durations, as well as for more frequent visits. Ultimately, if customers are satisfied this results in increased profit of the business.

According to studies, our use of social media has also risen drastically, leading to a 27 percent increase in Facebook traffic and a 26 percent growth in quarterly sessions on LinkedIn. TikTok has seen a 25 percent rise in monthly downloads, and messaging apps such as WhatsApp are fielding twice as many video and voice calls. Social video apps have also seen a surge in popularity, with Bunch receiving 1 million downloads in just seven days and Houseparty seeing a 70 percent increase in monthly signups. Like social media platforms- Netflix and Peloton user growth rose 22 percent and 66 percent respectively, year over year. Disney+ is also four years ahead of its user projections, with 54 million paid subscribers already, and not to forget the surge in online gaming.

The internet is not a luxury anymore rather it has become a fundamental need (like water and electricity). The pandemic has only made our reliance on the internet grow stronger. In the technology world, we are moving ahead at lightning speed and there's no slowing down. The exact same can be said about our internet connection. To help your Internet connection stay up to speed with present usage requirements, Tenda has a range of products to complement your current Internet plan without burning a hole in your pocket. Be it complementing your current Wi-Fi Router with a Range Extender so it can help your signal reach those hard to reach rooms, or drenching your entire premises with a stable and reliable Wi-Fi network using our Mesh Routers, Tenda have got your covered.

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