Tenda 4G LTE Routers – Internet Wherever You Go!

We all have the need to stay connected online consistently. Not just when we are working but also when we are having the best time of our lives enjoying with our loved ones. So how does one ensure internet connection when you are travelling or just going away for a weekend with your devices? It can also be infuriating when you can only connect your mobile internet and required to share hotspot connection to your other devices. And we are pretty sure that you are not one of those who trust other people's Wi-Fi connection for your devices.

The solution is to have your own Wi-Fi 4G LTE Router. A 4G LTE Router is compact gadget that offers connection through a method called 'tethering'. This gadget makes an impromptu WLAN arrangement you can carry anywhere. It additionally allows you to connect few more devices. Thus, you can connect to the web without searching for public Wi-Fi connections and subjecting yourself to its dangers. These routers are aesthetically designed and are much more compact than a regular Wi-Fi router which you might have at home. They turn on just like any other device; simply plug it into a wall socket.

Let us have you informed on the advantages of having a 4G LTE Router: -

1.It lets you have an internet connection anywhere. This is an exciting option if you work outside the office or travel regularly and need a consistent internet connection.

2.Through a 4G LTE Router, you can connect several devices at the same time to the internet. An entire family's mobile phones along with their individual devices can be connected to a 4G LTE Router.

3.One of the advantages of these router models is that they stand out for their small size and weight.

With a 4G LTE router you can avoid use of your mobile data which will eventually save your mobile battery, surf internet for a longer period without losing the internet connection and use your mobile while the entire family is streaming Netflix, that too without buffering.

Tenda brings in the best of featured 4G LTE Routers one could ever need. These router offers wireless data rate up to 300Mbps, integrates a 4G LTE module, and is compliant with IEEE 802.11N standards supporting all the mainstream 4G LTE frequency bands. With the 4G modem (FDD-LTE), these routers can reach up to 300Mbps of download speed and 50Mbps of upload speed. They are powered with 880MHz and 28nm processor which allows you to share Wi-Fi connection up to 32 devices based on the network. No matter whether you are in a rural home, on a vacation, or working at a temporary place, Tenda 4G LTE Router will always provide you with a reliable internet connection. It supports over 300 mobile/cellular networks in over 135 countries. Just insert your selected SIM card and turn it on to enjoy high-speed Internet via Wi-Fi without any configuration.

There is need of consistent internet connection if you are travelling, prefer to work away from the city, or simply vacationing. Which makes it difficult to establish a broadband connection. Tenda 4G LTE Routers helps you stay connected making sure that you get best of the internet connection.

Find your preferred Tenda 4G LTE Router here - https://www.tendacn.com/uk/product/forhome-87.html

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