Horrors of Unreliable Wi-Fi

Nowadays, wireless internet is like electricity— you notice it when it stops working. Then you panic! But wait, your Wi-Fi can stop working for a variety of reasons, and you'd be surprised how many of these issues can be easily fixed just by upgrading your Wi-Fi network to a Mesh system. Here is a list of things that commonly go wrong with your Wi-Fi, and where Mesh routers can come to your rescue.

Almost No Internet Access in Certain rooms

Wi-Fi is radio waves, meaning your router broadcasts in all directions from a central location. Try moving your router to a more centralized location. The closer you can put your router to the centre of your coverage area, the better reception will be throughout your house. The further away the device is from the router, the slower the speed of the internet. Obstacles such as walls, furniture, dead zones, interference from other devices that use the same signal on the same frequency band also affect overall internet user experience. A powerful Wi-Fi router may promise a better speed but may not deliver on the coverage.

Kids accessing harmful and dangerous websites

Your intentions may be pre-eminent when you provide your kids with a smartphone, but how you will keep your kids safe from the digital dangers lurking everywhere and repeatedly demanding attention. Choose a Wi-Fi router that makes it easier to manage, track and control browsing activity which can prevent your kids from accessing inappropriate and dangerous websites, installing apps from unknown sources or unauthorized online purchases.

Wi-Fi Congestion

Even if the devices are not Wi-Fi related they may be working on the same 2.4GHz or 5GHz frequencies. Some such examples are Bluetooth devices, cordless phones and baby monitors. Also, appliance such as a microwaves may be generating radio frequency noise and as a result the network may be slower or just disconnect. Sometimes, frequency channels just don't work well, and you can end up losing your Wi-Fi connection. Some people opt for a LAN cable, which may seem a good solution, but in the end you lose the freedom to move - it's not Wi-Fi (wireless).

Tackling the above issues

Tenda's Mesh Systems are expandable mesh networks which let you have multiple Wi-Fi points that works seamlessly together to cover an area of up to 6000 sq.ft with no dead zones. In addition, the Parental Control feature on Tenda Wi-Fi app, lets you monitor your kids online activity and keeps them away from unsafe and inappropriate sites.

Tenda's Mesh Systems uses the latest MU-MIMO technology, which offers a data rate up to 1200Mbps and prioritizes 5 GHz network access, allowing you to enjoy lag-free 4K HD videos to enjoy with your family.

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