Do you really need a Mesh Wi-Fi network?

There are many well-known brands of the mesh network with a wide range of products which provides a decent coverage area. These mesh products are mainly designed to cater to the needs of someone who is in charge of a hotel, mall or airport. But don't you think mesh network should be enjoyed by every consumer.

Let's say, you are working in your basement and your bed is on the third floor. Wouldn't you want your Wi-Fi strength to be that strong that gives you a strong signal throughout your house? Maybe a different access point which will maintain video or voice call all the way from the bottom to the top seamlessly without dropping your connection, and theoretically still maintaining strong signal and speed.

So this can be good for a lot of people, maybe you don't have a six thousand square foot home, however, if you do have a home where you happen to have a dead spot that's where mesh technology comes into play.

Tenda Nova MW6 whole home mesh Wi-Fi system comes with three units of Mesh Wi-Fi routers so you could basically put one of the units all the way down in the basement near your modem , the second unit can be plugged where you are not able to get any Wi-Fi signal at all and the third unit could be in your backyard. This is the case when you have a two story house with the basement.

But maybe you just have a very longhouse or perhaps your router is in one corner of your house and the dead spot where you always want to use your cell phone is on the other side, so this system allows you to actually bonuses that signal from one mesh point to the other in order to extend your Wi-Fi range.

Best set up could the one where the mesh Wi-Fi router is centralized between two mesh points alone. You will have the strongest connection available and when you remove that extra hop you will also have a faster connection in general.

No matter the structure of your house, set of three nova MW6 units could fully cover up to 6,000sq. ft. There is no hiding place for dead spots so you can enjoy fast and consistent Wi-Fi experience wherever you go.

Setting up is also very easy. Tenda Nova MW6 can be installed less than five minutes. Right from the box, Nova units arrive pre-paired to each other. Just plug in the cables and leave everything else to Tenda Wi-Fi App, it's really super simple.

Tenda Wi-Fi app brings everything under your control. You can monitor your nova while you are away using Tenda Wi-Fi App. The app helps you to customize and manage your network, such as user access and parental control

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