It’s All For Better Networking…

My day couldn't have been more stressed than any other day. I somehow managed to beat the traffic and reach office just within the time before my boss could ask for me about the designs which we discussed yesterday till 8 pm in the conference room on a Skype call with our London Branch. As I was settling down, my boss talking to someone with her earphones on walked past my desk and gave me a look, a look which clearly meant – "Come in my office with the designs NOW". I subconsciously ditched my "Grande, Iced, Sugar-Free, Vanilla Latte with Soy Milk", unpacked my laptop and rushed towards her cabin. While she was trying to make the other party understand on the phone that, having a 20 X 20 feet billboard of a cow saying "it's MOOOOOOVIEEEEEEE time" doesn't sound great at all, I pulled a chair at the circular table and connected my laptop to TV on the wall. Lately, I happened to realize the office internet connectivity has improved a lot.

Our office admeasures approximately 4000 sq.ft with more or less 40 employees and we haven't encountered any issues for a while with the Wi-Fi connectivity, even though my desk and my boss' cabin are far at the end (God knows where the Wi-Fi router is placed). Although I was curious to know what was the reason behind it, but never actually bothered to enquire. "Where are we on the designs?" She asked. I got startled and looked over my right shoulder only to find she is not standing at the back but pulled a chair to my left. I projected the designs on the TV through my laptop and she came into a mode of carefully selecting the designs like a sommelier selects her wine. As an assistant, it's my utmost job to predict which designs she will finalize and which ones she will never want to see again in her life. It's been 2 years and I am still trying to figure out my boss. Sometimes she is like a professional surfer on the Puerto Rico beach and sometimes like a Japanese businesswoman in an elite restaurant eating sushi. After the designs were finalized, she instructed me to schedule a Skype call with the London branch. As I leave her cabin all I could think is about the Skype call. Yesterday we were lucky. It was 8 pm, literally, no one was in the office and there were no other devices connected to the internet, we were able to have a lag-free Skype call. To analyse the situation, I took a stroll around the office to see how many possible devices were connected to the Wi-Fi.

To add to my fear, there were many. Just beside my boss' cabin, there's a conference room full of people discussing product lifecycle. I counted in my head, the number of people inside the conference room is equivalent to the laptop connected to the Wi-Fi, not to mention their phones as well. As I move a bit further I see more people at their desks with their laptops. Another conference room had almost about 9 people working on an app which lets users categorize the genre of advertisements. Walking ahead, I enter the IT department where one of my close friends happens to work. She has one of the best desk placements in the office. Everything is closer to her desk the cafeteria, the biggest conference room and an amazing view from a very large window. One of the main attractions is the bonsai plant on a table beside her desk which accompanies with an aesthetic white cube-shaped prop décor. Moving ahead, I pass by the cabin of a partner who also happens to have his name on the wall. Suddenly I receive a WhatsApp message that the London team is ready for the conference call.

I ended my tour and took a U-turn towards my boss' cabin. As I was connecting to the Skype call, I was praying hard that the number of people connected to the internet should not affect our online meeting. And also, I didn't want my boss' mood to spoil more than as it was already been spoiled by the call earlier. To my surprise, the conference call was smooth as butter. I don't know about Neha Chudasama winning the Miss Diva, but I was extremely happy. Later around 4 pm, I joined my friend from the IT department for a coffee in the cafeteria.

We think highly of the time spent drinking our favourite coffee, because that's when interesting conversation happens. She shares with me interesting things that she encounters throughout the day and I also like to share my stories with her. Today I told her how grateful I was that the conference call with the London branch went so well. She tells me, it's all because of the new Wi-Fi routers. What Wi-Fi routers? I asked. "They are these white cube-shaped placed around the office. One of which is placed beside me" she responds. I immediately asked her my next question. "How are they different from other Wi-Fi routers?."

"They are the Nova mesh Wi-Fi routers. They cover a large area and can accumulate a maximum number of devices at the same time without affecting the signal strength of Wi-Fi." she responds. So the reason behind our fantastic conference call was not because of my hearty prayers but because of the nova Wi-Fi routers. "You seem pretty sure about this?" I asked her in a doubtful way. "Since I was in-charge of setting-up a new Wi-Fi system, I made sure that I offer our office with the best Solution available, you know the usual googling and going through Youtube videos and reading real customer reviews on an e-commerce website. All this was enough to convince me why these cubes were best Wi-Fi setup our office can get." She took a deep breath, giving a devilish smile she added "and you know what? Tenda's nova goes like a charm with my desk style, so it was win-win aesthetically as well as technically." "What if I play an online 4K video while everyone is still doing their own thing online?" I asked curiously. "The routers have more than 200 Mbps bandwidth, even if you play a 4K video online it will not affect your internet strength" she replied. Well, today I came to know something new and interesting. In the end, it's all for better networking.

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