Tenda AC9(v3.0)-How to setup Remote Management

Model: Tenda AC9             Question Classification: Feature Setup

Step 1: Open a browser then type “http://tendawifi.com” in the address bar to login setup page.
说明: C:\Users\yehankun\Desktop\图片\1.png
Step 2: Click “System Settings” > “Remote Management”.
说明: C:\Users\yehankun\Desktop\图片\1.png
Step 3: Turn on “Remote Management” button.
说明: C:\Users\yehankun\Desktop\图片\1.png
By default, Remote IP Address is All devices can remote access without limitation.
By default, port is 8080. User can change the port manually.
Step 4: For example, if you want to access setup page from your office to router at your home. Input WAN Port IP:port into address bar and press “Enter”.
说明: C:\Users\yehankun\Desktop\图片\2.png

Note: If you want to use Remote Management. Please make sure your WAN IP is public IP Address.

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