AC18-How to setup USB sharing function

This article will guide you how to setup USB Sharing and the steps as below.
Model Number: AC18        Question Classification: Function Settings
Enable USB sharing function, which means enable Samba or FTP server inside the router, this function can share your local files in local area network or internet, realizing information sharing.
1.Open a browser then type http://tendawifi.com in the Address bar, press Enter. Type in login password, and click “Login”.
2.Click “USB Application”, choose “File Share”.
3.Setup login password, at the same time, you can enable "Allow visits from the Internet" as well, the reference as bellow.
Access by local area network:
1.Login the management page, choose “USB Settings”> File Sharing. Check the IP addresses for Local Area Network access: FTP server is in here; Samba server is \\ in here.
2.On the desktop, double click “Computer”, type, or \\ in the address bar of the folder, and press Enter on the keyboard. Type “admin” as the user name and password in the come out window, click “Login”, then you can go to the USB and copy files.
Visit FTP server:


Visit Samba server:


Access by internet
Suppose you insert an USB on your router at home, and you want to access the USB in your office, copy some files.
1. When you at home, login the management page, click “USB Application”>File Share
Enable “Allow visit from the Internet”, take down the IP address of internet access: FTP server is ftp://192.16810:21 in here, pay attention to adding the port number 21, click “save”.
2. When you in office, have your computer internet access, double click “ Computer” on the desktop of your computer, and type in the address bar of your folder, press “Enter”on your keyboard. Type in “admin” as the default username and password in the come out window, click “Yes”, then you can enter the USB and copy files.

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