How to monitor the websites i have viewed for the 3G Router


说明: 说明: 说明: 截图00.pngHow to monitor the websites I have viewed?


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 Q: Why we need to monitor the website we have viewed?


A: sometimes we want to know which website the computers in the LAN have viewed, then we can use monitor to send the history to our email.


 The topology is as below:



 The Steps are as below:

1Login the router’s Home page.


2After successful login, please click URL Monitor on the left side, then tick the Enable URL Monitor on the right side and click Apply,


Then the router will record the websites you have viewed. If you want to send these website records to your email, please tick the Enable Email. And input your email address information as the following the picture, then you can check these website history in the email of tendasz@hotmail.com.



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