Entry-Level Price, Enterprise-Grade Quality
Recommended 1000M broadband to connect
Recommended maximum capacity of 100 terminal devices
Multiple WAN overlay

Unified management of 256 APs
Reduce networking/maintenance cost


Small and easy to place
Easy to put in weak current box


Routing/Pure AC Mode
Switch freely, and flexibly fit in networking


Intelligent bandwidth control
Reasonably distribute,keeping network always smooth

Pure AC Mode can manage 256 APs. Routing Mode can manage 128 APs

Ultra-Powerful Data Forwarding, Enjoy High Speed Network Freely

G1 enterprise wired router is equipped with high-performance fast NAT module. Concurrent connection is up to 49000, maximum connected device number is 150, and we recommend 100 connected devices. Multiple people can access the internet without lags. Meanwhile, it supports 1000Mbps broadband, easily handling HD video streaming, online games, smart homes, video conferencing and other mainstream network demands. Enjoy gigabit extreme network all the time.

Dual-Core Network Processor

G1 enterprise wired router adopts high-performancec dual-core network processor. Equipped with large memory, it delivers powerful performance, as well as faster and more stable network. It is applicable for multiple scenarios, no matter home or enterprise office.

Switch between Router and AC Mode, More Professional Networking

It supports Router and Controller Mode. It can manage 128 APs in Router Mode and 256 APs in Controller Mode. Automatically discover and manage Tenda APs, as well as centrally configure and manage them.

Multiple WAN Ports, Support Multiple Broadband to Connect

Support up to 4 WAN ports, 4 broadband lines can connect simultaneously and realize bandwidth overlay. Functions of smart path selection, automatic traffic balancing, customized traffic balancing and more are supported. Make full use of bandwidth resources, and realize bandwidth overlay efficiency of over 98%.

Smart Bandwidth Control

It supports grouping of users for flow control, and supports independent flow control for a single user to prevent a single user from occupying too much bandwidth to ensure overall network fluency.

Highly Effective Firewall, Ensuring Network Security

Support attack defense, effectively defending common attack of DoS, DDos, ARP, flooding and scanning.
Support IP and MAC address binding, effectively preventing ARP fraud.
Support MAC address-based filtering, preventing unauthorized host from accessing.
Support URL filtering, banning access of risky domain name and reducing network risks.

G1 More Practical Functions


Fast Roaming

Support 802.11K/V/R fast roaming protocol



Support Ipsec, PPTP, and L2TP VPN. VPN can be fast created.


Multiple Authentication Methods

Support WEB, PPPoE and other authentication methods. Network access can be managed.