Installing Bunch of Cameras Is Not Enough!
Tenda Wants You To Have Intelligent Surveillance Systems.

International Security Conference & Exposition – also known as ISC West is the largest security industry trade show in the U.S. It was held from March 22 to 25, 2022. At ISC West, companies and individuals have the chance to network with over 30,000 security professionals through new products and technologies encompassing everything from access control to unparalleled security solutions from over 550 exhibitors and brands.

With the rising threat levels worldwide, regional and household security issues, companies and individuals are implementing multiple measures to safeguard and protect not only their infrastructure but also their loved ones. As technology continues to evolve and become more powerful, physical security solutions have undergone a massive shift in the way they are structured and deployed. It is no longer just about installing bunch of censor like cameras and perimeter detection all over the facility and adhering to necessary compliance. High performance and intelligent surveillance system is the new norm which adds value to the customer and enhances overall security.

At ISC West 2022, Las Vegas, Tenda alongside IP-COM displayed G5328X a Cloud Managed Switch which support IMS cloud management and local visualization management. Tenda with a rich portfolio displayed its array of products which included PoE Switches, security cameras, video security Wi-Fi Kit, Network Video Recorder, 8-port Ethernet Switch and 16-port Ethernet Switch.

The L3 Managed PoE Switch, TEG5328P uses a new 410W built-in PoE power. The number of AF / AT full-supply loads is twice than the ordinary low-power PoE switches. At the same time, the built-in PSE chip with intelligent power management function can monitor the temperature of the chip and customize the PoE power supply based on the time period. The device will automatically turn on / off the PoE function during working hours and idle time to minimize energy consumption and extend the service life of the device. Whereas, Un-managed switch, TEG1050F with 12 Mb large buffer can meet the needs of network applications with burst traffic such as search engine, IPTV and P2P downloads, ensuring no packet loss, timely transmission of large files, and smoothness of videos.

Tenda also displayed its security cameras systems. The CP6 and CP3 security camera comes with a design design enables flexible rotation in all directions that covers 360° horizontally and 155° vertically (90° up, 65° down) which leaves zero blind zones. Both are equipped with high quality image resolution that shows image/video in more detail. The 4 Channel Wireless HD Video Security Kit comes with router-level independent Wi-Fi chip, dual high gain antennas and boosts stable and strong signal. It is able to produce clear and smooth image when the Wi-Fi signal is able to cover a radius of 200m in an open environment or passes through 3 walls indoors.

Even with all the high end products above, Tenda exhibited their PRO-S8 and PRO-S16 Port switches and Network Video Recorder. PRO-S8 and PRO-S16, both provide simple and ideal solution to expand network for large home or a building. Whereas the Network Video Recorders comes with smart encoding and decoding technology which has high storage utilization and lower monitoring costs.

In the coming year, we can expect advancements in video quality in terms of excellence, which will enable systems to better capture images in great detail even in long distances and unsuitable environments. This provides benefits such as being able to search for a specific car number plate (ANPR detection) or a school going through a database of facial images to search for the location of a pupil. Imagine an art gallery raising an alarm when antiques/paintings are moved even slightly from their original position which is caught by the change in pixels of the CCTV camera. Surveillance technologies are going to be more consolidated in the coming year. This will be primarily due to organisations adopting technologies that gave multiple capabilities thereby reducing the number of cameras in their system. In addition, systems will also be using less storage space as video systems will optimise more compressed recording resolutions.

"Tenda as being in the US for many years, we are committed to delivering the best networking solutions to our partners and consumers. We are looking forward to work with every distributors or any suppliers and are always welcome" – said Jason Zhao, the US GM.