Amazing Uses of Beli SP3 Smart Plug

The Beli SP3 smart Wi-Fi plug is an outlet extension which is connected to a Wi-Fi network that turn on and off your home appliances from anywhere with your smartphone using the Beli app. You can schedule the Smart Plug to automatically switch on & off when you are travelling or select a schedule for controlling your home devices with just the push of a button. The SP3 is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to manage your devices through Voice Control. Plus, it works on secure 2.4GHz wireless networks without the need for a separate hub.

Here are some of the ingenious uses of Beli SP3:-

1.Set the right temperature

We believe everybody deserves a goodnight sleep. Neither you want to cough or sweat all night long spoiling your well deserved sleep. Some people like to fall asleep with the sound of an ocean or need a humidifier on with the fan running all night long. However, leaving either of these devices on all night can create more problems: the air becomes too cold or over-humidified. Allowing the device to run for just the right amount of time, and then switching it off mid-sleep can ensure that you get just the evening air quality you need to feel your best in the morning.

2.Improve home security

Some burglars are opportunistic than strategic. They see a house empty for a couple of days, they see opportunity. If you are away for a considerable amount of time and are worried about your home's safety, you can fool these criminals by simply playing around with your lights and appliances to make it look like the house isn't empty. With the use of ‘Away Mode' on Beli app, you can create illusions of activity in your abode. During the night, you can turn on and off the lights/TV, play music on the music player just to spook potential burglars.

Turn the lights on when it's starting to get dark, play some music, turn on the TV. To add an extra layer of protection – why not connect a camera as well!

3.Control your kid's screen time

Getting your kids to turn their devices and TV off can be a real struggle. With Beli SP3 you can have the devices shut down based on the agreed-up time. You can save so much time in hassling from the kids when they bargain for extra time (according them - just one more game).

4.Cook dinner before you get home

If you are one of those who prefer tastier and healthier food in the slow crock pot than the microwave, Beli SP3 is just right for you. You can activate the crock pot remotely and expect a tasty meal when you reach home.

5.Switch off electric fireplace overnight

Fireplace in houses have been proven to cause a lot of house fires over the years. Many of us have just dozed off in front of a fireplace while reading our favourite book and forgetting to put the fire off. With a schedule time for switching off the electric fireplace on the smart plug, you do not have to worry running it all night long.

Not just the fireplace, basically you can switch off every appliance before you go to sleep. And there many more life easing ideas for better living, such as – smart plugs can warm up your griddles and waffle irons, when you forget – it can turn off your curling iron and steam iron, control and manage lights and air flow in fish tank, make light your new alarm or shifting curtains for bright morning in bed, turn off the Christmas lights without getting up from your bed late night, turn on and off sprinklers, manage toothbrush charging stations from the Beli app and many more.

Beli SP3 gives us more control on our appliances. You can save more energy, more money and more time. And more importantly it gives a relief that all switches are turned off when we are not sure whether we turned off earlier.

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