Powerline Adapters – Making your house "Wired for Speed"

Wi-Fi is essential and used by every person who is at home or in the office. But it doesn't always work as expected. We have all faced the problem of less than perfect Wi-Fi coverage , slow Wi-Fi speeds, or both. One can opt to use Ethernet cables to solve this problem, but this also creates the potential hazard of tripping over the exposed cables.

A Powerline adapter is an alternative to running in-wall Ethernet cables or relying on possibly unstable Wi-Fi.

So what exactly is a Powerline adapter?

A Powerline adapter instantly turns a normal electrical socket into an internet connection. It is the most suitable substitute to Ethernet cables which either run through the walls or are kept exposed throughout the room. Powerline adapters take advantage of the existing electrical wiring in your home to transfer network signals between rooms.

Benefits of Powerline Adapters:

Powerline is beneficial to anyone who seeks to extend maximum coverage of internet connection. It's also a great way to achieve the fastest connection possible. It's especially effective in larger spaces or old buildings where Wi-Fi interference can occur due to thick walls, materials such as concrete, metal or other obstructions. Powerline adapters can create Wi-Fi hotspots in your home, extending and boosting the Wi-Fi signal in areas of the house that had previously been Wi-Fi dead zones.

Setup a Powerline adapter:

As the installation of Ethernet cables can be time-consuming, using Powerline could save your time and money. Powerline Adapters are easy to install and you can do it by yourself in just a few minutes. To set up a Powerline connection, you’ll need a router, Ethernet cables, and at least two Powerline adapters—one for the router and one for the device you want to connect. Plug the first adapter into the power outlet which is nearest to your router and connect it to your router using an Ethernet cable. Use another Ethernet cable in another room to connect the other Powerline adapter to your device. Once you plug the second adapter into a power outlet, the two adapters will pair each other and use the electrical wiring running between the rooms to send each other network signals, creating an Internet connection where your router otherwise wouldn’t be able to reach.

The number of devices only seems to increase in our lives each day. Although these devices provide better overall performance, these devices also consume more internet connection. Transferring digital media files across a home network using traditional wired Ethernet connectivity to access data and digital media files throughout the house is more complicated. But with Powerline adapters, your internet connection will not be hindered.

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