N301 v2.0 Firmware V12.01.01.50

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Update Date:2020/8/11

Upgrade Notes:

1. This firmwareis only fit for N301v2.0 and its firmware version must be in V12.01.01.XX or more.

2. Do not poweroff the device when upgrading.

3. Please unzipthe file you downloaded and use the file ended with "bin" or"trx" to upgrade your device.

4. Please resetit to factory settings after upgraded it.

Release Notes:

1. Solved the issue that cannot log in via UCbrowser.

2. Solved the issue that device host name is tooshort to display garbled in wireless bridge.

3. Solved the issue that it will hang if thereare more than 10 devices online in AP mode.

4. Added ACL rules in driver switch and receive packetsthat destination MAC is WAN MAC and drop the unicast packets if the

    destinationMAC is not WAN MAC address.

5. Added the IP checking to avoid to modifyillegal LAN IP or DHCP server.

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