Effortless IP Surveillance with Tenda's Network Switches!

Video surveillance based on digital IP technology is revolutionizing the physical security industry. The rapid development within modern IP technology hasn't evaded the security industry. An increasing number of new surveillance projects are now completely IP-based and they need qualitative network equipment to work properly. There are a lot of different network peripherals on the market, but a main question is: how do you choose and use them efficiently to ensure your system reaches the maximum performance in every operating environment?

IP surveillance was once affordable only by large enterprises, but several factors have changed that situation. Today, most organizations have already installed IP networks upon which surveillance video transmissions can piggyback. Also, prices for IP cameras and storage devices have fallen dramatically. As a result, IP surveillance is preferred by organizations of any size.

IP surveillance offers a number of benefits that analog installations can't match.

- No new cabling. Traffic can be carried by an existing physical IP network. PoE (power over Ethernet) allows cameras to be connected to that network, eliminating the need for expensive Ethernet and power cabling to those cameras.

- Easier integration with applications. IP surveillance systems are much easier to integrate with monitoring applications, from simple motion detection to advanced video content analysis such as face or license plate recognition, because no analog-to-digital conversion is necessary.

- Future Proof. As the world becomes increasingly digital, analog surveillance systems will inevitably become obsolete over time, whereas IP surveillance systems are future-proof and will always be easy to upgrade, typically through software alone.

Tenda Network Switches ensures brilliant image monitoring and traffic processing capabilities which are always tested for optimised performance. However, these assessments of different types of IT devices have to be done correctly in order for the output data to provide critical information on the device capabilities.

The key factors required to ensure a successful surveillance network are as follows:

1.Transmission distance up to 250m
2. Large Packet Buffers
3. Efficient Power Supply and PoE Smart Power Management
4. 6KV lightning protection

Tenda Network Switches are consumer centric and designed in order to meet the best industry standard. Tenda offers reliable network switches that tackle every aspect of Video Surveillance. Check out more on https://tendacn.com//www.tendacn.com/product/TEF1109TP-8-102W.html