How to find a good 5G network environment at home

How to find a good 5G network environment at home

Since the current 5G network is in the development stage, the coverage of the 5G network in some areas is not very good. How to judge the quality of the current network signal? You can judge by the signal grid of the mobile phone or the light signal of our 5G NR Router. Green is always green. Light on means the signal is good, green flashing means the signal is poor, orange solid light means the 4G network is good, orange flashing means the 4G signal is poor; in order to solve the problem of operator base station coverage and the influence of the family's house on the signal blockage, there are the following Two solutions can try to solve the problem of poor signal:

(1) Our 5G NR Router design supports the interface of external antenna, you can refer to the following guide to connect the external antenna of 5G NR Router.

1) The external antenna interface of 5G NR Router is required to prevent the one you purchased from being unusable. Please confirm that the purchased antenna interface meets: TS-9 antenna sockets. The main working frequency band of the antenna is N77 or N78. The antenna supports 2 *2 two antennas

2) After the antenna is purchased, connect the antenna directly to the TS-9 interface on the side to trigger the external antenna function.

图示, 示意图


(2)If we didn’t buy an external antenna, it doesn’t matter. We can guide you to find a location with a better 5G signal at home. The signal representative of the cellular network has two values, RSRP and SINR. RSRP is recommended to be greater than -105, and SINR is recommended to be greater than 5. The larger these two values, the better. Below we can obtain these two values ​​through the software of the mobile phone

For Android Phones

Insert the SIM card into the mobile phone number, we need the mobile phone to download third-party software to confirm the Cellular-Z APP (this APP is only suitable for Android phones), the APP download can be downloaded on the Google platform, or the mobile phone application store, open the APP to view SINGNAL RSRP, SINR signal strength in STRENGTH


For iPhones

For iPhone, please dial *3001#12345#*, Apple phone can only get one value, it doesn’t matter, this value can also indicate the signal strength



Note: The page might look slightly different for different iOS versions.

Step 1: Insert the SIM card into the mobile phone, and then walk around your house to check the value changes on the software. It is recommended to place the NR router on the side of the house near the window. If you find this position and it is convenient to use, you can fix the NR router

Step 2: Insert the SIM card back into the device, power on the device at a location with a good signal, and try to adjust the direction of the device, click Internet Status to see if you can access the Internet

图片包含 图形用户界面


Step 3: Check the signal strength, you can check the speed to see if there is any improvement (NSA will display 4G and 5G signals, SA will only display 5G signals, 4G will only display 4G signals)

图形用户界面, 应用程序


If the above two solutions still cannot solve the problem that you cannot access the Internet or the signal is poor, please contact us at support.fwa

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