F9-how to Hide the wireless name

Model Number: F9        Question Classification: Wireless configuration
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The computer can be connected to the router through the network, if the notebook also can be connected to the router through the wireless, as follows:
Wired connection:
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Wireless connection:
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Open the browser, enter "tendawifi.com" or "" log in to the router settings page in the address bar. (the factory without login password)
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Open “Wireless Settings”, find the “Hide WIFI” behind the wireless name and password, tick it, and click “OK”.
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Note: After hiding, mobile phone and notebook is unable to search for the signal, need to manually add the signal connection.
Here's an example of a mobile phone and a Windows7 system that explains how to add hidden SSID:
1.Open "Settings" - "WIFI" or "wireless LAN" - turn on the wireless LAN and click "other" or ”Add more network
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2. The network name bar: enter the wireless signal name, security settings according to the router security mode choice
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Enter the wireless password, click add, you can check the wireless connection for a while
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Note: if the wireless name, password safe mode, an arbitrary input error, both wireless connection failed.
Notebook: (take Windows7 as an example)
1.”Open Network and Sharing Center”-“Manage wireless networks
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2.Click”Add”,Select “Manually create a network profile

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3.Input the wireless signal name, select a security type, the type of encryption, and then enter the wireless password, and check the "Connect even if the network is not broadcasting", click "next"; you can see the signal added successfully, click "close", and then you can see the bottom right corner of the computer connected to the wireless signal.
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