wireless adapter- why i can't find wireless network

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A.In your computer, the Wireless Network Connection shows No Connection are available, like the following picture.

Please do as the following steps:

1.Right click on Computer and choose Manage.

2. Click on Service.

3. Scroll down and choose WLAN Auto Config(Wireless Zero Config), then Start the service.

4. After that you will find available wireless network.

5. If you can not find your wifi, please refresh the list.

B.If you have installed the driver with “Tenda WLAN utility” and cannot find your own signal on it, you can reinstall the driver as following steps:

1. Please put the included software CD into the CD driver of your computer again. The driver will run automatically, and a welcome page will pop up, just click on “RUN” button (double click on “Tenda. exe” in the software CD and manually install if it is not auto-run).

2.  Select “Remove current driver”, and then click “yes” to finish remove the old driver


 3. After it finishes removing, please click on finish, then it will turn to the welcome page, just click on “RUN” button


4.Select “I accept the terms of the license agreement ” and click on Next.

5.Select “Install driver only”. And then click Next.


6.Click “Install” to begin the driver installation.


7.Click “Finish” to complete the installation.


8.After restarting the computer, you can go to your “wireless network connection” to find your wireless signal and connect to it and then enjoy your internet.

Tips for how to find the wireless signal

A. windows xp

Start—Control panel---network connections--- (right click on) wireless network connection----view available network----your own wireless signal

B. windows

Start ---control panel----network and internet---network and sharing center---change adapter settings--- (right click on) wireless network connection----connect/disconnect----your own wireless signal

C. windows vista

Start --- control panel---network and internet----network and sharing center----mange network connection--- (right click on) wireless network connection--- connect/disconnect---your own wireless signal



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