How to change the SSID and wireless password (v6.0)

Model number: W300D V6.0

The cause of changing SSID and wireless password is to protect the wireless network. This article will guide you how to change the SSID and wireless password.

Part 1: Login the homepage of the router

Part 2: Change the SSID and wireless password

Part 3: Reboot the router

1. Open a browser then type in the address bar, click on enter.

2. Type the username and password as admin in the bars then click on login to login the setting page of the router.

3. Click on “Advanced” in the top right corner of interface.


1. Click on Wireless and Basic, then you can change the SSID as you want. Click on “Save” to save the settings.

2. Click on Security, choose the security mode as WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK, input your security key, and click Save to save the setting.

1.   Click on Tools and Reboot, and then hit on the Reboot button to reboot the router for refreshing the device info.

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