4G03 Pro Firmware V04.03.01.40

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Hardware Version: V1.0

Software Version: V04.03.01.40

Upgrade Notes:

1. This firmware is only applicable to 4G03 ProV1.0, the devices current firmware version must be V04.03.01.XX

Note: Please confirm the hardware version in device GUI: System Status->Hardware Version before upgrade

2.Do not power off the device when upgrading.

3.It is recommended to restore factory settings after upgrading.

Release Notes:

1.Added port forwarding function

2.Fix the problem that the device cannot access the Internet normally.

3.Fix the problem where there was no progress bar on the restart page after an upgrade failure.

4.Fix the problem of dns memcpy memory out of bounds.


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Fecha de actualización:2024/5/29
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