1. This Simulator is a virtual web GUI where you can program your Tenda product firmware. For details about an individual product’s features and specifications please use the search facility and go to the product page.
2. Please check the firmware version corresponds to the version shown on the Simulator interface. Each firmware version has its own GUI and functionality.
3. Please note that not all firmware versions are represented on the Simulator.

There are multiple revisions of the Products
Device Version Language
AC10U v1.0Multi-language
AC10 v1.0Multi-language
AC15 v1.0Multi-language
AC18 v1.0Multi-language
AC5 v1.0Multi-language
AC6 v2.0Multi-language
AC7 v1.0Multi-language
AC9 v3.0Multi-language
F3 v1.0Multi-language
F3 v3.0Multi-language
F300 v2.0Multi-language
F9 v3.0Multi-language
FH456 v4.0Multi-language
N301 v2.0Multi-language