O3 v2.0-Q&A

Q1: What can I do if all the LED indicators are powered off when I supply electric power for it via POE?
A1: Make sure both of the PoE port of O3 and PoE port of PoE injector are connected, and the cable between the PoE injector and O3 is cat5E Ethernet cable or better.
Q2: I cannot log in the setting page of O3, what should I do?
A2: Try to following methods and try again.
1.   Ensure that the device has been connected to the power supply and the computer properly.
2.   Ensure that the IP address of computer is 192.168.2.X(X ranges from 2 to 254).
3.   Reset the device to the factory settings
Q3 : Can I use other PoE injector to supply power?
A3: This is not recommended, it might lead to unstable-working even broken the device.
Q4 : When O3 work at WISP mode, my mobile phone can receive the WiFi signal from O3 100 meters away, but I cannot access to the internet, why?
A4: O3 can transmit the WiFi signal for a long distance, but the transmission power of your mobile isn’t as strong as O3, so you only can receive it but you cannot send your internet request for such long distance.
Q5: How to reset the device to the factory settings
A5:Method 1: After the device is power on, uncover the device, and then press the RST button for 8 seconds.
Method 2: log in the setting page of O3, Tap Tools>Maintenance, and tap the Reset button.
Q6: How to judge the bridging signal is optimal when the device are used for CCTV surveillance
A6: Method 1: Observe the indicators of two devices. The signal is optimal when the LED1, LED2 and LED3 indicators are always on or blinking.
Method 2: Log in the setting page of one device. Tap “Status”, and then check the status of wireless signal.
Q7: Can I pair two or more O3 with auto-pair?

A7: No, auto-pair can only realize in one-to-one. If you want to pair more, please pair them in manual.

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